Kiki Challenge And Other Crazy Internet Challenges Of 2018

The magic of KiKi challenge on Bollywood actresses these days has gone as well. This version has resulted in the challenge being banned in Egypt, and now, authorities in the UAE have warned that anyone caught doing the dance in this way will be hit with a Dhs2000 fine, 23 black points on their licence, and have their car impounded for 60 days.

The Dubai Police said the dance violated three traffic laws: Driving in a way that endangers the lives of others, causing traffic roadblocks or congestion, and using a mobile phone while driving. In neighbouring Oman, The Royal Oman Police have warned of an OMR 50 (AED 477) fine for those caught performing the dance.

Some people recorded themselves falling out of the moving car. The problem is, some people have taken the fad to a dangerous extreme - jumping out of moving cars and dancing alongside the still-moving vehicle. The kiki challenge is when a person dances beside a slow-moving vehicle while being recorded by another person inside the vehicle, all while the door is open.

The "In My Feelings" challenge took social media by storm this month, with thousands of people recording themselves dancing to rapper Drake's new hit song. As the shoot dance became popular, people started posting their videos with the hashtag #shootdancechallenge and hence made it a viral challenge.

The Kiki Challenge has officially been ruled as a serious traffic violation, punishable by up to Dhs2000 and 23 black points, as well as vehicle impounding for 60 days. US-based singer Drake's soundtrack In My Feelings from his latest album Scorpion has already taken over millions of hearts without even having an official video released.

The challenge is the latest in a string of online trends that varied from well-meaning - such as the Ice Bucket Challenge that sought to raise money for ALS sufferers - to downright dangerous, such as the Tide Pod Challenge where people were challenged to eat liquid laundry detergent tablets.

We are accustomed to import foreign phenomena, but we have to stop this… I am not afraid of the dance, but I am afraid the spread of this challenge among the Egyptians that may cause traffic congestion,” he said. The Kiki challenge was apprently started by Shiggy, a social media comedian, when he posted a video of himself dancing to the song.

Actress Nia Sharma put out a ‘Kiki Challenge' video, but clarified that she'd performed it outside a stationary car. The #KikiChallenge consists of people jumping out of moving cars and dancing to Canadian rapper Drake's song ' In My Feelings '. The move involves a person jumping out of a slowly moving car and dance as it moves, all while being filmed.

Several Jordanian news websites claimed that security authorities have banned the Kingdom's residents from taking part in this challenge, however, a security source told Roya that no one has been fined for dancing to Kiki. With the Internet becoming viral with the Kiki challenge”, which is also known as the In My Feelings” or Shiggy Challenge”, there are many videos from India that have surfaced online.

Driving a vehicle in a way that could endanger others can also have your car impounded for 60 days. Meanwhile, people taking the ‘Kiki Challenge' outside moving cars not only put their own lives in danger but fellow road users also face the risk of getting hit by other vehicles.

He also explained that such a challenge is a complete destruction for the youth, as the matter will evolve from a car with a woman dancing next to it, into a Kikichallenge set of cars racing with tens of people dancing around, which will completely block the roads,” he asserted.

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